12 September 2023

Digital Health Uptake and SIMCor to boost digital health innovation

SIMCor has recently established a partnership with Digital Health Uptake (DHU), a project funded through the Digital Europe Programme that aims to facilitate the alignment of policies, strategies, instruments and activities to advance the uptake of digital health solutions and services in Europe. The work of DHU is grouped under three key aspects: radar, knowledge community and accelerator.


The DHU radar is a unique platform that enables one to discover digital health innovations in Europe, their adoption and success, and connect with owners and users. The platform carries out continuous monitoring and analysis of the submitted innovations in order to understand their impact and value.



Through the DHU knowledge community, the project also boosts cooperation for linking existing initiatives and creating new digital health knowledge in Europe, as well as facilitating bottom-up and top-down alignment and coordination of digital health policies, strategies, instruments and activities through dedicated events and engagement opportunities.


Finally, via the DHU accelerator, the project supports implementation and scaling up. The project allocates over 100,000€ through direct grants targeting knowledge exchange and scaling up of digital health practices among European stakeholders through adoption twinnings. It also supports the training in the use of tools for implementation and uptake, and activities to expand existing digital health ecosystems.


As such, DHU seeks synergies with other relevant initiatives in the digital health area for a wider uptake of research outputs. The two projects committed to collaborating with each other in various ways. Among others, SIMCor will promote its in-silico platform via the DHU RADAR, and the two projects will keep exchanging information about main achievements and co-organising events, if relevant.