Public Deliverables

D1.4 – Self-assessment plan (LYN, M6)

Self-assessment plan of the project, including key performance indicators and procedures for completing the self-assessment for each work package.

D3.2 – Data management plan (LYN, M6)

Comprehensive analysis of the nature of data to be handled, generation, collection, de-identification and other processing, data flow and usage in the context of the project research activity and beyond, accessibility, interoperability, FAIR, long-term storage and backup, security measures adopted to prevent unauthorised access to personal data in the virtual research environment, and procedures for the inclusion of data and other resources in the European Open Science Cloud.

D1.5 – Quality assurance guidelines (LYN, M8)

Set of guidelines adopted for ensuring the highest quality in the execution of the project, including project management procedures, procedures for the preparation and quality control of project deliverables, reports and software.

D6.1 – Data processing requirements (CHA, M4)

Requirements for medical image data processing for TAVI and PAPS use cases, including information to be extracted from medical images, relevant parameters and quality criteria.

D1.3 – Project handbook (LYN, M4)

Reference document for day-to-day project management, recapitulating project legal and ethical aspects, consortium partner composition and roles, management structure, procedures and tools, reporting guidelines, financial and budget issues, as well as guidelines for dissemination and communication of results.

D2.2 – Communication and dissemination strategy plan (LYN, M3)

Document illustrating the SIMCor communication and dissemination strategy plan, along with the relevant activities carried out in the first three months of project implementation.

D1.2 – Kick-off meeting report (LYN, M2)

Report summarising the project kick-off meeting, including general overview, work package presentations, working groups and discussions.

D2.1 – Project presentation (LYN, M1)

Description of project rationale, mission and objectives, consortium composition and role of partners, implementation and expected impacts in plain language, for communication and dissemination purposes.

Press Releases

Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Action kick-off: SIMCor (In-Silico testing and validation of Cardiovascular IMplantable devices)

Press release n.1/2021 of the SIMCor project, announcing project inception and conclusion of our kick-off meeting.