5 October 2021

Second in-silico projects meeting

On 5 October 2021, a second meeting of the H2020 in-silico projects was held, including Francesco Pappalardo and Giulia Russo (STRITUVAD), Maria Cristina Jori and Georgia Karanasiou (INSILIC), Nenad Filipovic (SILICOFCM), Hermann Mucke (REPOTRIAL), Alfons Hoekstra and Charles Majoie (INSIST), and with the endorsement of the eHealth, Well-being, and Ageing (Unit H.3) of the European Commission, as well as the VPH Institute.


The major focus was on the regulatory aspects of in-silico clinical trials and the establishment of the #IST_Research_Projects Slack channel as a discussion forum to help the in-silico worldwide community to be constantly in tune. A short survey was circulated among participants to understand topics of common interest, starting from the major seven barriers related to in-silico trial adoption. Among those, it emerged that a critical point is the lack of independent data collections to be used for the validation activity.


In Silico World, an “umbrella” project coordinating numerous research initiatives in the in-silico trial domain, and the coordinator of these join initiatives, proposed several actions to develop independent data collection initiatives, to be put in place in the forthcoming weeks.