13 June 2023

A Manifesto for the promotion of M&S in France

Today the Avicenna Alliance, NAFEM and MICADO  held a Webex seminar to launch the Manifesto for the Promotion of Digital Modeling and Simulation (M&S) in France. The VPH Institute took part in the seminar and presented the project in representation of the SIMCor consortium. 


Today, we are experiencing the digital health revolution. The new applications of artificial intelligence (AI) and digital twins in the context of powerful multiphysics simulation have been discussed.


M&S depend on the maturity of technological tools, solutions and methods. The transition from one maturity level to another often involves a digital transformation of processes and organisations.


M&S techniques facilitate the verification of medical device performance against expected or prescribed conditions of use through the implementation of methodological standards.

They provide capabilities commonly used in engineering to optimise device design or to implement the interaction between medical process and device/model, testing treatment under near-real operating conditions using the digital model of the organ.

Furthermore, scaled numerical models enable near real-time simulations that are accessible to all.

They also enable the implementation of hybrid digital twins (end-stage), i.e., multiphysics simulation models enriched with real-world data acquired and processed by AI and machine learning.


The widespread adoption of such techologies for device development, verification and validation could bring enhanced value to the field, in terms of reduced production time and costs, wider accessibility of treatments and reduced risks for patients.