19 June 2023

Privacy and Technological Scenarios for Health Data Reuse

Today, SIMCor participated in the online roundtable of EU-funded projects “Privacy and Technological Scenarios for Health Data Reuse”, focused on discussing and analysing the current data privacy-related constraints to scientific progress in the biomedical field, to address the urgent search for legal and technical solutions for the reuse of personal and health data.


The roundtable was organised by the Panetta & Associati law firm and Lynkeus Srl and as part of the DataTools4Heart consortium, an EU-funded project the aim of which is to improve the lifestyle of patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases by developing a comprehensive, federated, privacy-preserving toolbox for data reuse in cardiology.

The tools include a platform that will securely access data from different hospitals and transform them into their digital counterparts (synthetic data) to be used by researchers and clinicians across the world. The access to such large-scale, multi-source cardiology data will be facilitated by the creation of virtual assistants.


During the roundtable, projects presented their mission and goals, together with the difficulties and lessons learnt in the sharing and reuse of health data for their research purposes.