16-17 January 2023

M24 consortium meeting Eindhoven

On Mon-Tue 16-17 January 2023, the consortium is gathering in Eindhoven, Netherlands, for its M24 consortium meeting, where they will review the progress made in its M19-M24 activity and planning for M25-M36 activity. The meeting will be kindly hosted by TU Eindhoven at the Academisch Genootschap.

The agenda of the meeting will include an overview of the status of implementation of each WP, emerging issues, and planning for the next months, as well as open collective sessions on virtual cohort generation and validation, modeling and simulation approaches, an interdisciplinary session on mapping engineering metrics of developed models with clinical features for in-silico device trials, as well as an exploitation planning workshop


Day 1: WP2-6, 10 update,  

  • WP5: Preclinical and clinical data acquisition
  • WP6: Data processing for anatomy and function
  • WP3: Implementation of the virtual research environment
  • WP4: Definition of standard operating procedures
  • WP10: Quantification of healthcare, industry and socioeconomic effects
  • Mapping of engineering metrics and clinical properties collective session
  • WP2: Engagement, communication, dissemination and exploitation
  • Exploitation workshop


Day 2: WP1, WP7-9 and collective sessions

  • WP7: Virtual cohort generation and validation and collective session
  • WP8: Virtual device implantation, WP9: Device effect simulation and collective session
  • WP1: Coordination and management


Vestdijk, Eindhoven. Nanda Sluijsmans from Den Haag, Nederland, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons.